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My Testimony

Having my files read has enabled me to better understand many of my re-occurring dreams and daydreams. I would often awake feeling I’m meant to be a spy on missions all around the world, or a super smart computer hacker decoding and problem solving. Many times I’d awake feeling like a ninja warrior battling hard against the cable. I would have very vivid dreams as these types of people, all the time, experiencing everything they did.

But, it was really surprising to learn from having my files read that, my cyborg supersoldier clones and alters had all done the very things I’d seen and experienced, in my dreams. I knew then, that I hadn’t been dreaming but, remembering the events instead! It had been like watching myself participate as several different characters in a never-ending action packed spy movie. Only it was real!

It was very eye-opening to find out about some of the other abilities I never knew I was meant to have, that only my clones had because, they had full access to my consciousness and, I didn’t. This was achieved through the use of implants. I learnt that my clones were all under MK Ultra mind control and so there were triggers involved, all connected to my implants. The files had to be scanned and any triggers disabled first. Otherwise, they could’ve been set off. Some were already switched on and had to be switched off.

One time when I had my P3 files looked into, an implant was found to be switched on and programmed to give me a chocolate addiction. Up to this point, I’d actually experienced this addiction really badly. I then had the implant switched off. Since then, I now no longer have any interest in chocolate! It doesn’t taste the same anymore. It’s far too sweet for me now. I also began sleeping much better than I had in years.

This is what’s great about the software because, it can break you free from the programming that you’ve been placed under. Triggers on your file can be disabled or shutdown and implants switched off. Over time you will eventually get all your abilities back. This will enable you to learn who you really are and develop your full potential. I recommend it to everyone!