Michael Jackson Message

2017 Michael Jackson Interview with James Rink
Channeled by Adrian Espinoza
Transcribed by James Rink



This all started in August 2017 when I asked my friend Adrian who is a gifted seer to reach out to various deceased artists on for some creative feedback on some of the projects I was working on. When we got to Michael Jackson to come through we felt an immediate connection which resulted in many transcribing sessions and what you are about to read here.

James Rink: Michael are you there?

Michael Jackson: I am okay, who are you?

James: I am a super soldier and I am helping to expose the cabal.

Michael: Wow I am happy you are helping to tell and see the truth of gods planet and children.

James: Were you murdered?

Michael: I was murdered; I was framed for child abuse. I don’t harm the children. I love children. I am an indigo child myself.

James: Why did they murder you?

Michael: I knew things of the illuminati. I joined them and I exposed them. They wanted children for sex, slavery and I turned them down. I knew of pizza gate while it was going on.

James: When will you be reincarnating back?

Michael: I don’t know I need help, I don’t understand where I am.

James: I will ask my friend to help you with that.  What is it like being in where are you now?

Michael: I am in spacecraft. I don’t know remember much after I died.

James: What is the name of the spacecraft?

Michael: We call it Deep Space

James: Do you watch what’s happening on planet earth.

Michael: Yes we watch

James: What do you look like?

Michael: I am really tall, slim, in a physical body, face made out of crystals, shaped as a triangle

James: What is your favorite song and why?

Michael: Saving the children of the world, heal the world. I love the children

James:  If you were still alive and could start a new clothing line what would you call it?

Michael: Lusu this is a Japanese style hip hop. But you should ask Sangur he knows more about that.

James: what’s more important to you singing or dancing?

Michael: Dancing, I love to feel the energy from it.

James: Are you in heaven and did you get to meet anyone you wanted to meet.

Michael: Yes, my cousin Michael Stockton

James: What’s your favorite color?

Michael: Red and Black

James: How do you stay strong when the world is making up horrible lies about you?

Michael: I was on medication (he laughs). Well I didn’t pay much attention to them. I had fun and enjoyed life to the fullest.

James: You were the bestselling artist of 2009. How do you feel about that?

Michael: I could have done better but ok lol. What finds your interest in me?

James: I want to be a talented performer like you. I was practicing a dance class with a Janet Jackson song last night.

Michael: I like to see a demonstration.

James: Ask me next week. I am not that good lol

Michael: okay

(Next week

James: Did you see my performance of Janet Jackson if routine?

Michael: Yes. I think you can do better.)

James: What did you think of the Michael Jackson Hologram Slave to the Rhythm at the 2014 billboards award?

Michael: That was really awesome. I really like that performance.

James: Did you write that song?

Michael: Yes

James: And come up with music behind it?

Michael: Yes

James: What are you future plans?

Michael: Save the earth and the children from the bad people. I want to work with the councils of the federation. What can I do to help you?

James: I like to set up a center to help people with PTSD

Michael: I really think that will be the best thing ever to focus on. However, I am limited in my world until I figure out the dimensions.

James: If you weren’t a singer what do you think you would be?

Michael: If was not a singer I would be a cop. I used to hang out with secret service.


In this section I included all questions related to his personal life.

James: Are your kids biologically yours?

Michael: Yes

James: Would you have had kids sooner if you knew you only had 12 years to be a Dad?

Michael: Yes

James: Why did you dangle the baby over a balcony?

Michael. That was my clone.  I think it was wrong to let this kind of thing happen. I know that it was wrong but I had no choice. I was owned by the illuminati. I was very angry that happened. They destroyed my character.

James: were you aware you being cloned? And why did you allow that to happen?

Michael: Yes I was very scared. I was black mailed into it, they threatened to replace me with my clone.

James: why didn’t they replace you with clone after you died?

Michael: I spoke up. I told President Obama what I knew. He told me that I was in danger and to follow orders.

James:  What percentage of famous musicians have clones?

Michael: I don’t know. I believe some of my clones are made by both the good such as the FEDERATION ET and the bad guys.

James: where do they grow these clones?

Michael: I don’t know.

James: Can the clones act and perform as good as the original host?

Michael: Yes. I don’t know much but I know that clones are not human.

James: why did you force your children to wear the masks?

Michael: Keep them from exposure. I didn’t like people focusing on their skin color; they are not black like me.

James: do you have any messages for your children?

Michael: don’t talk to strangers. People you only know. I know too much and don’t want them to hurt you too.

James: What message do you have for Prince Jackson?

Michael: I love you. Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t take life for granted, kick life in the balls. Don’t take shit from others.

James: Do you have a message for Paris Jackson?

Michael: No to Missouri proposition. My son will die if you go. Meet new friend A.G. A new person you will meet.

James: Do you have a message for Blanket Jackson?

Michael: Press lied to you. Don’t trust them. Come home to family. Blanket is traveling right now on vacation in Rome.

James: What do you think about Katherine and T.J. Jackson performance raising Blanket Jackson?

Michael:  Just funny man…

James: Are you happy with the way Katherine is raising your kids and who would you want to take over after she dies?

Michael: No not happy. Sharon Sidney

(Sharon was with Michael the day he died)

James: Do you want me to reach out to Sharon and what would you like me to tell her?

Michael: Yes. Sharon don’t over dose. She is taking too much Adderall.

James: What role would you like Sharon to have in your now adult children’s lives?

Michael: Be a mentor, I want the best for them. Be a protector.

James: Of all the people that could help your children why did you choose Sharon?

Michael: I told her my personal life and for some odd reason I trust her. Sharon don’t be so strict to my children.

James: Lisa Marie Presley said she loved you and the marriage was real for her. Did you feel the same way?

Michael: Yes and I have no further comment.

James: Are you still in love with Diana Ross? And if so what message do you wish to share with her?

Michael: Yes. Just don’t kill yourself, take better care of yourself.

James: Did you have a thing for Madonna or was it the other way around?
Michael: Yes, I did like her. But Madonna was cheating on me, but that’s normal for Madonna she also owes me money that she never paid back.

James: How much does she owe you?

Madonna: $20 Million, I had a big heart but too many people took advantage of my money. She wanted to buy real estate.  She was in a rough spot.

James: Do you have any messages for Madonna?

Michael: Yea give me my money back you owe me HA HA HA. Hello Madonna you will not blow up the white house I will blow you up first…… Take it how you like it. They may try to kill someone I love soon. Suffocation with a pillow.

James: Who are they targeting?

Michael: Find Milly

James: Who is Milly Michael?
Michael: young girl, 13, indigo child

James: Does Blanket, Paris, and Prince know about Milly?

Michael: Yes

James: Why will they kill her?

Michael: She talked about my death.

James: Michael are you a time jumper?

Michael: Yes

James: Can the timelines be changed to save her?

Michael: Yes

James: What can I do to change the timeline?

Michael: Jam the gun

James: Michael does Milly need to jam the gun in the house she is living in?

Michael: Yes

James: What message do you have for Milly?

Michael: Don’t run, don’t hide, I am there for you. Find me with the red t shirt on.

James: Is it a photo?

Michael: Yes excellent

James: What will Milly find there?

Michael: I have a gift for you. Open the box. It will have a key in it. It’s a gift I sent her.

James: What is the purpose of the key?

Michael: It will open a red door to my house in Saint Louis, MO.

James: Do you have a house in mo?

Michael: Yes up on the hillside.

James: Is it still owned by the estate?

Michael: Yes they are selling it.  You need to go there and stop them from selling it. There was an office there with my personal items filled with my Albums, weapons, and computers. It’s now a empty room. Find my ring. I am missing a gold ring.  I want you to have it. Go get my ring.  You guys are so cool. I am the king of rock.

Untimely End

In this section I included all things related to the final part of his life which lead to an untimely end and may questions surrounding his death.

James: Did you want to do the “This Is It” tour or did you need money?

Michael: I needed the money

James: Apparently you agreed to 10 concerts but they increased it to 50 concerts in the London O2 area, do you think you could have survived that grueling schedule?

Michael: Yes

James: where they trying to kill you?

Michael: Yes there is always a conspiracy around me unfortunately. I miss my sisters.

James: In the weeks leading up to your death you sent messages to Michael Jacobshagen in which you declared “they are trying to murder me and I am scared about my life.” How did you know they were trying to kill you and why?

Michael: I seen it happen

James: How So?

Michael: A dream. I astral projected.

James:  Do you have any messages for Michael Jacobshagen?

Michael: We are not on speaking terms.

James: what happened?

Michael: right before I died we got into an argument

James: But apparently he believes you were killed now. Do you want me to reach out to him?

Michael: Absolutely, tell him I am sorry for whatever it was said, but I like to keep this personal.

James: You wrote AEG LIVE, which sponsored the This Is It 2009 tour, put so much pressure on you that you were scared about your life. Can you please respond to what was going on during that time that made you so scared?

Michael: They were watching me.

James: Did you see people following you?

Michael: Yes, aliens

James: How do you know they were aliens?

Michael: I seen them, they looked reptilian.

James: Do Reptilians shapeshifters work in AEG?

Michael: Yes

James: Why did you cover up mirrors in hotels?

Michael: Mirrors are portals; I didn’t want them to look through the mirrors.

James: did they ever have two 2 way mirrors watching you?

Michael: Yes they are also portals.

James: What is the name of your killer?

Michael: Kane. Adam Kane Killdorne. I was taken and don’t remember much. I spoke out and said too much, I am innocent. I don’t want my children to suffer. Please find out what happened to me , my memories have been blocked.

James: Was Kane in the illuminati?

Michael: Yes, when I tried to pull out of the illuminati

James: How did Kane kill you?

Michael: Drugs

James: If you could face your killer at this time what would you tell him?

Michael: I will get my justice. I will enforce the law; the illuminati are not above universal law. I really hope that everyone will continue to take their lives and rights back.

James: What is Adam Kane Kilsbourne background?

Michael: My financial supervisor.

James: Do your kids know this person?

Michael: Yes

James: Do they suspect he was involved in the murder?

Michael: Yes

James: According to the corner report, you died from of acute propofol intoxication (an overdose of the anesthetic propofol), this combined with other sedatives lead to heart failure. The other dugs found in your system included benzodiazepines: lorazepam, midazolam, diazepam (known to most of us as Valium) and nordiazepam . Doctors commonly prescribe these drugs to treat anxiety and to induce sleep or sedation. Lidocaine is a local anesthetic. How do you explain all these drugs being in your system?

Michael: I was framed I was injected; there is nothing I can do to prove that I was innocent. Even the child situation, I don’t know how to claim my innocence.

James: Did you ever do any illegal drugs?

Michael: No

James:  If you didn’t have a substance abuse problem why did you hire Conrad Murray?

Michael: I had a heart issues. But Conrad he was framed also.

James: Why didn’t you let your family help you instead of Conrad? Did you not trust your family?

Michael: I didn’t want them to worry. Hello Conrad, you will be okay, but don’t seek help they are watching you.!

James: How do you feel about Conrad going to prison for 2 years for allegedly killing you?

Michael: He will get his justice, but they are not the real people that killed me. Conrad don’t die, help is on the way.

James: why did 8 removal vans show up to your LA mansion after your death, Janet said It was to stop fans from looting. And what was in those vans?

Michael: Weapons, Guns, protection, they were watching me, I kept them in secret to protect my family and others and start my own army.

James: what did Janet do with those weapons?

Michael: Hiding them?

James: Is that why she married the man she married to move them?

Michael: Yes her life is in danger, she will be okay I watch over her.

James: LAX airport was shut down for 2 hours after your death, during which a mysterious private jet departed from the airport and the staff at the airport was told to ignore the plane. Who or what was on the plane and is it related to your death?

Michael: Yes, related to my death, a man who smokes a cigar, Kane my Killer. An employee of the airline saw him and reported him because he was smoking…  The airline told the employee to shut up.

James: Why did they need to shut whole airport down?

Michael: Because he thinks he is god, he is one of the richest people of the world.

James: There are rumors you had faked your death, converted to Islam and living in UAE, what would you say to these rumors?

Michael: It is not true. I would speak my truth.

James: There are rumors you also appeared after your death in Valdes, Mexico and London, England. How do you respond to these sightings?

Michael: I don’t know much and can’t remember much, none of this stuff is true and its fake news about me.  Tell Donald Trump its fake news.

James: There are rumors your coffin contained a foam latex dummy molded from your own face and hands, how do you respond to these rumors?

Michael: That wasn’t true either.

James: Is there a connection with your murder and the resignation of the investigating, LAPD Chief of police 2 years before his tenure was up?

Michael: There was a lot of pressure to make it look like I committed suicide or overdose and he didn’t want anything to do with it. He didn’t want anything to do with it.

James: Why did the coroner’s office perform two autopsies, with the second performed under guidance of the family?

Michael: They wanted to know if I was murdered. Yes, they found I was murdered. But someone in the illuminati paid off the police so they closed the case. Well that was part of my investigation, but I don’t remember much. The pills damaged my memories. I used to take a lot of medications after my face surgery (His hair caught on fire in Pepsi commercial in 1984 and he was addicted to pain killers ever since).

James: Did the illuminati burn you head?

Michael: Yes, I didn’t follow protocol. I told them to shove it. They black mailed me and I told them that I was not meant to be messed with.

James: Is that when the media started to attack you by calling you Whacko Jacko?

Michael: yes

James: Michael according to your Nurse Cherilyn Lee you were in a great amount of pain before you died but your dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein said you were in good health, dancing for him and his patients three days before you died. Were you in a great deal of pain before you died?

Michael: Yes I was in a lot of pain

James: It must have been hard to perform

Michael: Yes I suffered a lot

James: Did you ever talk to Donald Trump about the illuminati?

Michael: Trump told me to try and not do what they told me. So they burned my head.

James: Is Trump illuminati?

Michael: Yes he has to join them.

James: Is Trump racist like many believe him to be within the minority community?

Michael: Not when I knew him, but he has since been infiltrated.

James: What year did you join the illuminati?

Michael: June 1983

James: Was the 1982 thriller soundtrack an initiation into the illuminati?

Michael: Yes

James: Why did you want to join the illuminati?

Michael: I wanted the fame and money. But the problem is I can’t get out because the aliens won’t let me. I have to reincarnate back here.

James: Did you at some point realize Martin Bashir was turning on you and you should have stopped the Living with Michael Jackson documentary?

Michael: Holy shit yeah, I wish I would have stopped that. That was terrible I would never molest a child. I was framed by illuminati.

James: Is Martin Bashir illuminati?

Michael: Yes. I don’t trust him. He owed me money.

James:  Why did you pay off all those threatening to sue you instead of fighting them in court?

Michael: I don’t like the courts, its corrupted.

James: If you did go to court would they try to get you on the sexual abuse

Michael: yes, I was a targeted individual.

James: How did you get through your 2005 sexual abuse trial knowing that you were betrayed by the family and forced to listen to four months of lies?

Michael: I locked myself in state of panic, I lost my mind. Lots of trauma.

James: Do you have a message for Gavin? (Gavin was the 14 year old from the sexual abuse trial)

Michael: Hello Gavin, I love you, please forgive me. I was not responsible for what happen between me and you.  I am so sorry, I hope we meet again. But life moves on. And I hope your life will thrive. I don’t know what I can say to say I am sorry. But it was not me. I would not do anything to harm you. Not my intent. Love Michael

James: What was the one most hurtful rumor and lie about you?

Michael: To tell you the truth there was lots of fake news and people are getting money off my feed content, I will only tell you the truth. Most of what was said about me was lies and a big percentage of the media was fake news. My father was not as of abusive that people think he was. They blow things out of proportion. And I really loved my father; he pushed me to my limit and past my limitations. I would never have thought I would have gotten to where I am now without my father’s help now. I was favored among my brothers and I was the black sheep among my family. However, my father was ore strict with me because he saw my talent. I was a very special person in my father’s eyes. Remember the song by Eric Clapton my father’s eyes. That song was a gift to me from Eric Clapton. Nobody knows that but I wanted to share with you that Eric Clapton was my pal.

James: How do you feel about your father, Joe Jackson denying he ever beat you as a child and why didn’t you confront him about that ever?

Michael: I didn’t comply with what he wanted because I wanted to not be a singer, not be a dancer. I wanted to be different then my brothers and sisters. I wish that my father to be truthful to my other brothers, because they didn’t get as abused as I did. I got the belt, burnt by hot iron, and thrown in a bath tub of hot water, and whipped. But it was like the Germans how they used to treat their children.

James: There are tabloid rumors that your father mutilated your genitals, how would you respond to these claims?

Michael: No. but he sexually abused me. I want to have a new life being a white person. My father told me being white was a sin. I know the truth now, and the truth is white people are not the sin.

James: Did you dad give you hormone injections to delay your puberty?

Michael: Yes

James: Were you aware of what he was trying to do?

Michael: I am okay with that, I understand

James: Are you still okay with what he did?

Michael: Yes

James: Did it help your career?

Michael: Yes

James: Did it leave lasting side effects?

Michael: Loss my health.

James: did you wear a prosthetic nose?

Michael: Yes I did

James: why did you get so much rhinoplasty?

Michael: I wanted to look more white then I could, and I was covering my skin as much as I could.

James:  Is there anything else you would like to share that we have not covered?

Michael: Do you know much of my childhood? I don’t remember much. My mind feels erased.

James: Do you remember growing up in Gary, Indiana?

Michael: No

James: Do you remember you brothers and sisters?

Michael: yes

James: Do you remember going on tour as early as 8 or 9 years old?

Michael: Yes. What was my uncle’s name? I am trying to remember

James: Was it Lawrence Jackson?

Michael: Yes, back to square one, wave high.

James: He died in January 2017. Have you meet him on the other side yet?

Michael: Yeah that’s what I mean back to square one, wave high; he has to start over into reincarnation.

James: Is there anyone else you like me to try to reach out too?
Michael: Sister La Toya

James: What do you wish to tell her?
Michael: Be brave, be brave, don’t listen to Katherine. I hear crying. Follow your dreams. Don’t go outside at night, they keep it secret at night, black vans, gang stalking. They are going after those they want dead.


In this section I wanted to ask Michael questions about his businesses dealings and how his estate should be settled.

James: Why did you stop working with songwriter Quincy Jones?

Michael: I didn’t fire him he quit on me, he moved on to a new song.

James:  How come the Jackson estate held back royalty payment to Quincy?
Michael I lost a lot of money when I went into debt, but I do need to pay him back somehow.

James: Quincy claims you owe him $30M but only paid him $400,000, how much money do you think the estate pay him to settle the debt?

Michael: $30 Million

James: Do you have any other messages for Quincy?

Michael: Write new song, dance, and don’t give up. Stay strong, don’t get discouraged.

James: Do you think there was a conspiracy from Sony that led to your death…?

Michael: Yes, that was the promise from the man with the cigar, Kane. Sony would get the music back.

James: If you were still alive do you think you would have sold you share in Sony by now?

Michael: Yes

James: And what would you have liked to done with the money?

Michael: Buy more property

James: How did police officers violate your home at Neverland ranch during the 2003 people vs Jackson trial, that caused you to never want to live there again?

Michael: someone reported screams at the house.  The house was haunted, the illuminati did rituals there.

James: You claimed you covered mirrors in hotels with towels while you were traveling due to two way mirrors, were you afraid they would put listening devices in the ranch?

Michael: Yes that is correct.

James: Michael How do you feel about Neverland ranch being sold off instead of being used for enjoyment of sick children?

Michael: It sucks not what I wanted.

James: Would your “This Is It” tour been able to pay off the ranch?

Michael: Yes

James: Would you like me or your fans try to raise the money to save it?

Michael: That would be great I would repay all of you.

James: What would you like the property to be used for?

Michael: Open it up as a museum and show the world how he loved everyone.

James: Where would you like your wedding monument to be built?

Michael:  Miami, Florida, because so many tourists visit it. I love Miami its very beautiful. Hawaii and Iceland too.

James: I think your artwork is beautiful
Michael: yes I know always beautiful my friend.


In this section Michael Shares some new songs he would like to have published somehow.

James: Can you give me a few stanza’s of a song you would like an artist of your choosing to sing?


Title: Death Do Us Apart

Don’t Cry the windows open
Try to see into my eyes
Baby don’t cry
Daddy is coming home to stay
Its time to play,
Put your toys away
Do you just wonder
How much I love you
You don’t need to ask
Just know how much I love you
I am coming home to stay

Well hello king George
I am Michael, the punk star
Do you want to sing with me?
We will go to the movies
And dance to the king of rock
Jump as high as you can go and don’t stop
I am the king of rock, the punk star
But rock rocking it, rock rock rock
K, picking it joey
Down the man
Rock it joey

I am the king of rock
Rocking rock it, talk talk talk
I am the king of rock
Talk to me Joey
Start your dance

Let it rock
Talk to me talk, talk, talk
Jump as high as you can go
Talk to me
Go Joe Star
Now you are the king of Rock

Go Jump high in the sky
and grab the king of rock
Talk to me talk, talk, talk
I am the King of Rock

James: What are the music Notes?

Michael: I never could read music sorry.

James: How can we get the new song out there?

Michael: Talk to my sister Janet and Rebbie and find a good agency. Rebbie is most laid back one. Janet gets business done but she is on stubborn side.

James: Michael who is King George in the song?

Michael: A man who I used to listen too when I was a kid. He would sing the blues when I was a kid.

James: Is that George Michaels?

Michael: I don’t think so; my memory is not as good as it used to be.

James: Who was Joe Star?

Michael: He was my invisible friend growing up. I called him Joey.

James: Would Katherine know about that name.

Michael: Yes

James: what do you think of a lot of musicians and rappers using the word nigger?

Michael: It pisses me off I don’t like that word, I was told that my whole life, whoever says that I will kick there ass.  My greatest idol is Martin Luther King.

Michael: Do you like my music James?

James: Yes, so many of your fans miss you.  Do you have a message for your fans?

Michael: Listen to my music to remember me, but what I am today is greater than I was 15 years ago (2002.) don’t be sad I am better today , my fans still love me and I am remembered. I am loved very much.