Psychic Reconnections

Adrian Espinoza

In 2006 I meet a Native American shaman who said a blessing over me. I then started to see numbers and codes. These frequencies have allowed me to perfect a system which I have termed Sacred Geometry Readings. These codes allow me to reprogram your higher self so that you can find the highest joy, happiness, and clarity in your life.  The codes help me visualize images, videos, and chat rooms from your current life, parallel life, and past lives.

I am trained in divination, remote viewing, spell casting, and akashic readings. I have helped my clients alter weight, increase muscle mass, body enhancement, sexual enhancement and desire, soul mate reconnection, changing timelines, vibrational levels, astral planes, dream interpretations , angel readings, channeling of ascended masters and more. Unlike most psychics I use a special skynet computer software hooked into a internet database to enhance my reading accuracy.

I have also created the Circles of Life database which contains codes that identify blockages of energy in your relationships, career paths, and finances. This along with my skynet codes; can help remove these obstacles and decode your life experiences.

I accept paypal payment and credit cards through paypal. Absolutely no refunds sorry.

1 hour reading your life codes with Adrian $100

1 question reading response reading with Adrian through email only. $30



  1. Dear Adrain, Thank U so much for All U do. A friend, Freda Gaisie who you helped recently, told me of your Wonderful abilities, and that you will give an answer to a question for a modest fee. Would like to know if it is possible to give a Q&A Question appointment as a gift?? If so, may i pay the $50 with my debit card?? Your kind attention to this request would be deeply appreciated! HANK U 🙂

  2. Hello, I heard about you from my classmate Meredith Lynch-we are in Suzy Meszolys class-she did not directly tell me to do sessions with you but I have an overwhelming curiosity that I cannot ignore right now-i am curious about code usage for altering weight issues -I just keep gaining weight and my body keeps changing and im trying to do what I can do; I know I’m meant to channel so I hear the ascended masters and galactics..I have often been told I am not grounded enough; my guides told me I have etheric implants which I could feel and hear/perceive; I have health issues that Came up in the past two years; I feel ascension energies/light upgrades and sometimes I see light language as well. I think I have an entity attachment not sure why; im very curious about validating what I learned about how I have been used by various groups -like remote spying,etc. I think if I know it will help me feel better that im not going crazy etc. I used to read many of stewart Swerdlows books too-Meredith said you referred her to read one of his books. Anyway, if I booked you the email reading, how soon would you respond? Thanks!

  3. hello…my name i nancy I got involved with researching all of these things on line after i saw some chem trails about two months ago. i found a site on 411 missing with david paulides on the missing person cases in the national parks and out of bars and other odd locations. I don’t know if you are familiar with this subject it is quite a puzzle. certain types of people are being taken sm. children DR.s hunters, athletes, physicists, outdoor hikes backwoods people. some of the cases are bizarre but after i looked through all if these cases a found some similarities with the supper soldier projects and the slave trade off world stuff is any of these things related. Cryptids like Bigfoot “what is big foot by the way?’ and interdenominational beings are suspected do you have any ideas as to what is going on. could you help in any way these families are really suffering.

  4. I am very interested. I am not special, no powers, no astral projection abilities, just feel a connection with higher self and always certain to follow my intuition and own inner self advice. I feel I have no memory and am recluctant to contact anyone about these things thinking – I am no one really yet selected for a higher purpose; I just have to wait my time…however, I do not have a low self esteem. I am interested in what you would advise and cost. I have followed Project Camelot since it first started, alternative stream media, supersoldier topics, and topics for decades about illuminati, Valerian Matrix books; I recognize a lot of discernment is necessary and cross -reference plus follow your inner self.

  5. Hi Adrian, I just paid for a hour reading. I’m not sure how this works if it over the phone? Was drawn to your video on you tube. Can’t wait to hear from you, Norma

  6. I have a granddaughter,who”s being tormented daily,by spirit or something I can”t see,she’s constantly crying,screaming,hurting herself sometimes,we had her in mental hospital,numerous times,has”nt helped her,can you help her. please or tell me who can. thankyou

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