Psychic Reconnections

Adrian Espinoza

In 2006 I meet a Native American shaman who said a blessing over me. I then started to see numbers and codes. These frequencies have allowed me to perfect a system which I have termed Sacred Geometry Readings. These codes allow me to reprogram your higher self so that you can find the highest joy, happiness, and clarity in your life.  The codes help me visualize images, videos, and chat rooms from your current life, parallel life, and past lives.

I am trained in divination, remote viewing, spell casting, and akashic readings. I have helped my clients alter weight, increase muscle mass, body enhancement, sexual enhancement and desire, soul mate reconnection, changing timelines, vibrational levels, astral planes, dream interpretations , angel readings, channeling of ascended masters and more. Unlike most psychics I use a special skynet computer software hooked into a internet database to enhance my reading accuracy.

I have also created the Circles of Life database which contains codes that identify blockages of energy in your relationships, career paths, and finances. This along with my skynet codes; can help remove these obstacles and decode your life experiences.

I accept paypal payment and credit cards through paypal. Absolutely no refunds sorry.

1 hour reading your life codes with Adrian $100

1 question reading response reading with Adrian through email only. $30


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